College Credit Plus Gives Students a Head Start

Dominic Schroeder is a sophomore at Miller City High School and has already earned 11 college credits at Owens Community College.

There is no doubt in Dominic Schroeder’s mind that he wants to practice medicine one day. With his mother, brother and aunt all involved in the field, helping others runs in the family.

To get a head start on his career, Schroeder began taking College Credit Plus classes at the Owens Community College Findlay-area Campus – during his freshman year at Miller City High School. Now a sophomore, he has earned 11 college credits in four online classes with a 4.0 grade-point average.

Schroeder, 16, is enrolled in two more Owens classes this semester.

“It’s a great opportunity to further yourself and your education,” he said.

Approximately 1,000 high school students enrolled in college classes at Owens in each of the past few academic years, according to College data.

Beginning this 2015-16 academic year, the state of Ohio changed the high school enrollment program from Post-Secondary Enrollment Options to College Credit Plus, which expanded access to 7th and 8th graders and also streamlined the admission standards. The College Credit Plus program remains similar to its predecessor in allowing college-ready students the opportunity to earn college and high school credits simultaneously.

“The rigors of an online class are different and generally exceed that of a traditional land-based class. For Dominic to do so well shows his dedication, determination and focus,” said Meghan Schmidbauer, assistant dean of Admissions, International Students and College Credit Plus. “We welcome all high school students to explore the College Credit Plus program, either at information sessions provided at their high schools or by contacting us directly.”

For Schroeder, the idea to take college classes while still in high school came from his mother, Laura, a nurse practitioner. He said she described it to him as a resume builder for his future.

Schroeder knows a lot about success. His brother, Trevor, is attending medical school at Ohio University and his aunt, Anna, is a doctor, working as a family physician.

“What I want to do is become a family physician like what my aunt does or do something in the sports medicine field,” said Schroeder, who plays soccer for Miller City and CYO basketball. An Eagle Scout, he’s also a member of the Miller City quiz bowl team, National Honor Society and the all-A honor roll.

At Owens, he has completed classes in Information Systems, Music, Sociology and Spanish. He’s enrolled in advanced classes in Music and Spanish this semester.

He said he started taking online classes “because I was 15 and couldn’t drive to campus. Plus I like being able to work at my own pace instead of sitting in a classroom.”

Schroeder comes to the campus to meet with his academic advisor and to buy books for his classes at the bookstore.

“My classes have been great,” he said.