Esthetics training at Summit Salon Academy opens doors


An esthetician specializes in all aspects of the human skin, from makeup application to relaxing facials to waxing to intensive chemical facial treatments.

At Summit Salon Academy in Perrysburg, the Managing Esthetics program prepares students with the skills they need to become licensed and begin practicing at a salon, spa, or a medical facility. In addition, the program gives students the skills to market their services, retain clients, and become educators themselves.

“Esthetician training differs from standard cosmetology in numerous ways,” says Evan Soto, marketing manager of Summit Salon Academy. “For one, esthetician training does not include any education in hair care or nail care. While a student in the cosmetology program will learn certain types of waxing and one type of facial, it is just the tip of the iceberg. Estheticians take on a much more extensive role when it comes to the chemistry and anatomy of the face and body in relation to any particular client’s skin type.”

A good esthetician will be able to accurately determine a client’s skin type, and will know how to treat those with sensitive skin.

In addition, Mr. Soto says, “an esthetician should be a great communicator so that the client feels comfortable during services, and be able to educate the client in proper products, techniques, and at-home management of their skin once they leave the Academy, spa or salon.”

An esthetician trained at Summit Salon Academy is prepared to get right to work.

“Training at the Academy stands out from other places because we have a dedicated facility in our building for our esthetic students, with some of the best products on the market,” Mr. Soto says.

“All of our educators have real-world experience, and our esthetic educators are no different. They still have clientele they cater to on a daily or weekly basis. This helps them in the classroom because it provides the student with real-world examples that may present themselves in the future. It also keeps our educators up-to-date on the newest products and practices, which they then pass on to their students.”