Mercy College working to respond to strong local demand for paramedics


Mercy College Working to Respond to Strong Local Demand for Paramedics

Emergency Medical Technicians (EMT) and Paramedics represent the first responders in emergency medical situations. They are often the first at the scene to provide care. They stabilize the patient and prepare them for transport to a medical facility for further care.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, “Employment of EMTs and paramedics is expected to grow by 33 percent from 2010 to 2020, much faster than the average for all occupations.” In the northwest Ohio area EMTs and Paramedics are in high demand.

Mercy College’s EMT/Paramedic program allows students to begin their career as an EMT after the first semester and then seamlessly continue their education, becoming a Paramedic with advanced training and lifesaving skills. Part of the Paramedic certificate program provides students a clinical rotation with hands-on experience with area first responders. Students may have the opportunity to gain experience on Life Flight.

Timothy Christman, program lead for the Paramedic program at Mercy College states, “This is a fantastic opportunity for our students to receive training in an area that is considered to be the pinnacle of emergency medical services.”

The college’s Paramedic program is one of only a few in the nation that offers this kind of experience to student paramedics.

Paramedics play a crucial role in providing advanced emergency care and safely transporting patients to medical facilities as quickly as possible. The “Golden Hour,” or the first hour after the occurrence of a traumatic injury, is considered the most critical for successful emergency treatment. Paramedics provide care literally at the time of a person’s greatest need.

Mr. Christman adds, “Those who really want to help others and who thrive in a fast-paced environment would make a great paramedic.”

Mercy College is currently accepting applications for the EMT program that begins in August and the Paramedic program that begins in January (EMT certification is required for the Paramedic program). For more information call 419-251-1313 or visit