Summit Salon Academy Spotlights Student Emily Chabra

Emily Chabra, right, with one of her clients at Summit Salon Academy.

Emily Chabra, 33, was a client at Summit Salon Academy well before she was ever a student at the school.

A graduate of Maumee High School, she had worked at a title agency, quitting to stay home when her first child was born. For the past four years, Mrs. Chabra has worked as a waitress, but was drawn to the flexibility and opportunities available in the beauty industry, as well as the artistic value of the profession.

“I’ve always been interested in this field, but the timing never seemed to work out until now,” she says.

She was familiar with Summit Salon Academy before enrolling.

“I’ve been coming here as a client for several years and and had always had excellent service and experiences,” Mrs. Chabra says. “I did tour other schools just for comparison, but I always knew if I was going to go to school for hair, it would be here.”

As a student in the Managing Cosmetology program, she says, “The teachers are amazing at covering the bookwork sections and then showing us and applying it ‘hands on.’ They are always available if you need help, or have questions or concerns. I’ve gotten a bunch of great advice, tips, and tricks – I can’t even begin to just pick one thing. The educators here are just fantastic.”

Mrs. Chabra feels Summit Salon Academy values their students.

“One of the ways they show their appreciation and recognition of students is by rewarding students with tools and prizes when we reach our goals. Also, I’m flattered that I was nominated for the Student Spotlight. It really helps reaffirm that I chose the right career path, and that being away from my little ones is going to be worth it in the end,” she says.
“My kids are my biggest inspiration. They are the ones that I strive to be my best for!”

Mrs. Chabra says she will graduate in March, and then hopes to be accepted into an associates program to continue her education.